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Please allow me to politely criticize H&R Block. I’m going to do this for two reasons:

  • I want to earn your business.

  • These folks can’t do taxes.

H&R block operates with a high volume, revolving door approach. The goal is to get as many clients as possible through the door this year and do it all over again the next year. Client retention is not a priority; profit is. So, how does that affect you? Why should you care?

Here is why I believe you should not go to H&R Block and going is a dull decision:


  • You are smart.

  • H&R Block’s workforce is comprised primarily of seasonal employees with very minimum accounting and tax background; too much guess work. They are more likely to miss deductions you are entitled to.

  • Fees: H&R fees seem low on the surface, but this is a tool to get you through the revolving door. Try to smile and see how much that would cost you.

  • Employee turnover: chances are the tax preparer who prepared your tax return this year, will not be around next year when you return. You would have to tell the new seasonal preparer your story ALL over again.

  • Try to call them in the off tax season and you will get no one to talk to. Most H&R Block stores are open for tax season only. So, when you have a question about the tax return they did, or if you need a copy of your lost tax return, or if you have a question about your taxes for next year, chances are you will have to wait untill next tax season to get your questions answered.

  • For small business owners, going to H&R Block is the biggest taboo! DON’T DO IT. You work hard all year building your business up and you work harder to generate your income, so don’t let someone who doesn’t know, care, or both, handle such an important task for you.

  • Audit: If you are destined to become part of the unlucky 1% of American taxpayers who get audited yearly by the IRS and you paid extra for the “H&R Block audit protection”, H&R Block's staff will brutally hurt your blood pressure. Employees are oblivious to how the audit system and the IRS work. You will be the victim, call me for some TLC!  


Why should you do business with me?

  • You are smart.

  • My office is open year round and taxes and accounting are my world. It is all I do and I’m good at it.

  • If there is a deduction out there that applies to you, it will be on your tax return.

  • I own my own business; therefore, I’m here to stay. You would know before you come whom you are going to see, It’s always me.

  • My business clients often save LOTS of money by following simple tax saving recommendations I suggest. This is usually done by me asking questions and getting to know them, something H&R block does not bother doing!

  • My credentials include: accounting degree from University of California, Berkeley, Enrolled Agent designation from the IRS, ample experience preparing taxes daily and year round, continuing education mandated by the IRS for Enrolled Agents.

  • Fees: I’m not going to say my fees are “competitive” because I think it's a deceptive term. So, here it is: my fees are 100% guaranteed to be at least 30% less than H&R Block. Fair enough?

  • Sales smile: Never

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